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Our smartphones are all No Brand

Differences between branded and non-branded mobile phones

Even in design, a branded smartphone and a non-brand smartphone are completely identical, in the first case the device in fact externally does not bear any sign of being branded, no trademark or sticker of the operator to which it belongs, as it happened in the past. Abroad, however, the situation is much more complicated: branded phones support only and exclusively the card of the operator of which they carry the brand, a bit like the 3 did when it entered the Italian market, and we add that many times it happens that after some time they freeze.

Another small difference that could occur is that the updates for a branded mobile phone arrive a few days later than that of a non-branded one. However, we are really talking about a few days and therefore saving 20% ​​on the final price could still be worthwhile, even for waiting for updates.