Explanation on the Labeling of our Products

EU OEM: Europe warranty

Italy OEM: Italy guarantee

Full Pack: The smartphone is complete with cable and battery charger

Used 5 Stars: Product without any scratches or other problems, no pieces replaced.We also guarantee its originality in all its parts and that it is not even 60 days old.

Shipping: Immediate

Warranty: All products have a house warranty, therefore 1/2 years

Use: our mobile phones can be used with all telephone operatorsWhat you don't know: The difference between a used one like ours up to 60 days and a refurbished one

Used 60 days and simply a new original mobile phone with all its authentic parts

Reconditioned and a mobile that has suffered damage and often very, very serious, and obviously some or almost all of its parts are replaced by non-original or very poor spare parts and needless to say but it must be pointed out that often the repairman does not even know what he buys. or what it is installing.

Have you ever wondered why after replacing the display of your smartphone as soon as it took a very small bump it broke?